Brac's Blog - Arriving 1/2/23


Greetings! My name is Brac and I am here to tell the story of Helena. I hope this blog proves both entertaining and informative. I happened to meet Helena a few years ago and she told me her life story. I decided (as a very successful author) to retell it along with some of the pictures I created to help the reader understand her story (I am also a very successful artist). Helena is very old. I don’t mean old in terms of the typical ages you would consider someone old, I mean old in terms of centuries. Helena was born during the ancient times of the Druids in what is now the country of Wales. She grew up as one of the most well respected females in her clan. Druid females were often called “Bandruls” and on the eve of her 23rd birthday she was set to become what was equivalent to a princess in her clan. 


If you haven’t guessed already, Helena is a Vampire. 


Helena went to sleep with anticipation of the next day, not realizing hours later her life would change forever. The rest is in her own words….