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When I was 11 years old my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (we found out 25 years later it was actually Frontal Lobe Dementia). My grandfather lost the ability to remember the names of his own friends and family members. I realized then how important pictures were in our lives. Pictures bring back memories, make new ones, and can bring back a feeling we once thought was lost.

Pictures are designed to capture a moment – whether it is beautiful, heartbreaking, or thought-provoking. My business is dedicated to helping people preserve memories, promote themselves, and hopefully making people smile.


My part-time gig is photography and video work. My full-time job is in another field. Therefore, I spend my weekend's shooting and weeknights working on editing my DShow Productions projects. I am honored to have been published in over 125 paper publications and have 14 covers. 


I am fortunate to have a loving and caring family. 

I reside in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania My studio is called "Never Mind Norton" Studio. It is named after my beloved dog Norton who passed away on 12/27/09. 

Photography has allowed me to meet a ton of amazing and creative people, so I look forward to working with new clients. 

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